Introducing the Levitate AIRFRAME™

The Levitate AIRFRAME™ is a lightweight wearable technology engineered to support the arms of professionals and skilled trade workers who are exposed to repetitive arm motion and/or static elevation of the arms.

The levitate exoskeleton relieves upper extremity muscle and joint strain and discomfort by transferring the weight of the arms from the shoulders, neck and upper back to the core body. The device easily slips on and off the body and is comfortable enough to be worn all day.

The Levitate AIRFRAME™ moves seamlessly with the user, without intruding into the workspace or limiting motion or dexterity. The device’s mechanical support system progressively activates as the arm is raised and gradually releases as the arm is lowered. The result is just the right level of support, at just the right time. Wearers use their arms as they always have, enjoying reduced fatigue and comfort they never thought possible.

Game-Changing Features

Light and Comfortable

Streamlined design and material allows user to be at ease while wearing the device

No Power Needed

Innovative and smart mechanical engineering

Personalized Fit

Each unit is custom-fitted to optimally service its user

Full Range of Motion

Perform any tasks which require upper extremity motion without limitation or stiffness

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Fighting Fatigue in US Workers

The Levitate AIRFRAME™ is engineered to relieve over-exertion for its users

lost productivity annually from musculoskeletal disorders


annual work-related musculoskeletal disorders


of workers in certain professions experience shoulder pain

Initial Praise for the Levitate AIRFRAME™

  • This is the coolest advancement in personal protective equipment I have seen in the safety field in 36 years I have been a safety professional 

    Terry Butler, Former Director of Health & Safety Management & Employee Benefits, Vermeer Corporation 
  • Anything we can do to make our team members feel less fatigued is a plus, we are engaging them through this whole process from trial to final product. The benefits of this device have been incredible. The team members that have used this tool are than happy to use it and have seen more prolonged work activities without feeling fatigued by the end of their shift. 

    Jim Roozeboom, Safety Engineering Manager, Vermeer Corporation 
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About Us

Levitate Technologies, Inc., is dedicated to improving the lives of active professionals and skilled trade workers. Its team is made up of highly accomplished inventors, entrepreneurs, executives and private investors. The company works very closely with world class industrial organizations and supports them with expertise in manufacturing and health and safety engineering.

The technology which drives performance of the Levitate AIRFRAME™ is backed by an extensive portfolio of U.S. and international issued and pending patents.
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